Best Starbucks Coffee Mug

Your mediocre, ordinary, and very regular coffee drinking sessions can be transformed into something else, something special. Sipping the best coffee from the perfect coffee mug makes a whole lot of difference.

With a plethora of options in the market, choosing a good coffee mug can be quite tricky. To narrow down your long list of options, we scoured for the best ones tied with a reliable product review and comprehensive buying guide.

Read our Best Starbucks Coffee Mug Review to find out.

Product Reviews

Here is a list of the best Starbucks coffee mugs together with a comprehensive product review.

Starbucks Arizona Been There Series Ceramic Coffee Mug 14 oz


  • 14 oz
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Wide mouthed
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique and personalized design
  • Giftable


  • Low impact strength
  • Quite pricey

This product is certainly a collector’s item. It is a ceramic mug painted with Arizona’s finest places. The orange theme of the coffee mug together with the printed images can bring up good memories while sipping good coffee.

Aside from aesthetics, the mug is spacious enough to contain approximately 14 ounces of coffee (400 ml) which is good for long breaks and busy conversations. On top of this, the mug has a thick and very sturdy build that promises durability and heat retention.

Noticeably, the Arizona Been There mug has a wide diameter that maximizes the diffusion rate of your coffee’s aroma into the air, thus reaching your nose and taste buds faster and more effectively.

However, like any ceramic made mug, this product is moderately fragile. It cannot tolerate impacts, shocks, and sudden force, thus requiring care in handling. It may seem pricey for some but never ludicrously expensive.

Starbucks Been There Series New York City Mug, 14 Oz


  • 14 oz
  • Thick, Ceramic mug
  • Aesthetic
  • Personalized design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Giftable


  • Prone to cracking

Another classic and popular item from Starbucks’ Been There series is the New York Ceramic Mug. The mug highlights the well-loved landmarks, icons, and things in New York City. It is like the whole experience is painted on the mug.

Many people also love the thickness of the coffee mug. It preserves the temperature of the coffee well, while promising longer years of service.

If you love your lattes, then this mug could be a good choice since its dimensions can hold quite an amount of liquid. This will support the thick milk foam on top without spilling.

Probably one of the perks of ceramic mugs is their easy maintenance. It is also microwavable and dishwasher safe.

However, on the flip side, consumers may find this product extra costly for a mug. Given that it’s ceramic, it is quite vulnerable to breakage and cracks.

Starbucks New York Taxi Edition Mug, 16 Oz


  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Aesthetic
  • Deep and well-shaped
  • Wide mouthed
  • Thick walled


  • Prone to breakage, cracking
  • Expensive

This limited and sought-after coffee mug definitely deserves a spot on your pantry. The artistic value and the fine craftsmanship of the coffee mug set it apart from other coffee mugs. The visuals illustrate the beautiful New York City Skyline that captures any tourist’s heart.

Furthermore, this voluminous and well-shaped coffee mug promises to contain more amount of coffee approximately not more than 16 oz. Your lattes will surely enjoy lingering within the walls of this coffee mug. At the same time, you can expect to have your coffee hot and warm for a significant amount of time while using this vessel.

People have commended this product for its high quality and nice visuals. However, it is undeniable that like any ceramic mugs, this item requires extra care, especially in handling. It is quite vulnerable to breakage and cracks due to force. And since this is limited, the price is hefty. Nevertheless, this coffee mug is well deserving of recommendation and positive reviews.

Starbucks Florida Been There Series (BTS) 14 Oz Mug


  • Maintains temperature
  • Durable
  • Aesthetic
  • 14 oz
  • Microwavable
  • Easy to clean


  • Fragile

This coffee mug is a perfect memento of your stay in Florida. The best places to visit in the state are well depicted in the mug. The visually captivating elements of the mug such as the vibrant colors and playful arts appeal to many people across the world.

Indeed, many people grow fond of gifting or collecting this coffee mug from Starbucks.

On top of its aesthetics, the coffee mug does its job well. It serves as a good vessel for coffee since it does not affect the flavor of the coffee. The thick ceramic build of the mug also prevents unnecessary dissipation of heat, which can make the coffee dull, bland, and flat.

Although it has low impact strength, the mug can survive for years if well taken care of. Furthermore, compared to its competitors and related products, it is comparably less costly.

Starbucks Texas Coffee Mug, Been There Series Across The Globe Collection


  • Approx. 14 oz (13.92 oz)
  • Specific and personalized
  • Microwavable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Visually attractive
  • Thick walled


  • Quite expensive
  • Prone to chips and cracks

People are crazed by this coffee mug from Starbucks that showcases the beauty of the United States’ second-largest state – Texas. The design has magnificently painted all the beautiful places and things to do in the region.

This product is a reliable coffee mug. It holds your coffee well. The walls are thick enough to keep it hot, just the way you like it.

You also have nothing to worry about maintenance as it is certified dishwasher safe, ensuring that the colors of the coffee do not fade that easily.

However, like any coffee mug, this product requires extra care in handling since it’s ceramic and quite fragile. Some people may also find this coffee mug costlier than other mugs. But this is reasonable, given its artistic merit and good quality.

Starbucks Coffee 2018, Been There Series, Washington DC Mug, 14-Ounce


  • Creative illustrations
  • 14 oz
  • Microwavable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Thick and durable
  • Giftable


  • Fragility of ceramic mugs
  • Quite expensive

This is yet another popular collector’s and giftable item from Starbucks. The artistic illustration on the exterior of the mug creatively illustrates the wonders of Washington DC. People who have been to the marvelous city may find great joy in sipping coffee out of this precious mug.

Moreover, the coffee mug can contain a good amount of coffee, approximately 414 ml. While at it, its diameter allows circulation of aroma, making the coffee taste better.

Its price might be intimidating for some, but it certainly is worth it.

Starbucks Dallas You Are Here Collection Ceramic Coffee Mug Demitasse Ornament 2 oz


  • Colorful
  • Capacity: 13. 92 oz
  • Collectible
  • Easy to maintain


  • Prone to breakage, cracks, and chips
  • Expensive

This product is very popular among tourists and travelers. The minimalist design of the coffee mug captures well the beauty of Dallas. The complementation of green, orange, gray, and white colors is definitely pleasing to the eyes.

Moreover, the structure and shape of the mug were smartly crafted. It has a flat and wide handle that makes your hands more comfortable while holding it. Its round rim ensures that the coffee’s aroma appeal to your olfactory sense as quick and as effective as possible.

On top of these, the coffee mug retains heat very well, keeping your coffee drink nicely hot for a reasonable amount of time. However, this ceramic mug is comparably more expensive than other coffee mugs in the market. Owners must also take extra precautions to keep this product from unnecessary force and impact.

Starbucks Been There Series California Mug, 14 Oz


  • Capacity: 14 oz
  • Illustrative
  • Eye-pleasing color
  • Wide-mouthed
  • Thick walled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwavable


  • Moderately fragile

The beautiful land and deep blue oceans of California are creatively depicted in the Starbuck’s Been There California mug. People who want to relive the fun and excitement of their California adventure will surely find this coffee mug special.

Apart from its creative value, this Starbucks coffee mug prevents rapid cooling of your favorite drink by reducing rates of heat dissipation. Its wide diameter allows rapid diffusion of your coffee’s rich aroma.

Moreover, people often compliment how convenient and easy keeping this coffee mug in its best shape is. However, ceramic mugs sure come with certain challenges like their low tolerance to force and low impact strength. But do not be discouraged because this coffee mug is guaranteed to be among the best.

Why Do You Need A Good Coffee Mug?

For years, the only purpose of coffee mugs was to hold the world’s favorite hot liquid - coffee. However, unknown to most of us, is its sheer ability to improve or obscure the overall drinking experience.

Studies reveal that the material, shape, color, and size of the coffee mug can influence how you perceive the flavors of the coffee drink.

The cross-cultural study conducted by George Van Doorn and Charles Spence shows that consumers have sensory expectations based on the appearance of the coffee mugs. Like for example, when the mug is short, consumers often expect the coffee to taste bitter and stronger.

Scientific experiments further prove how the shape and size of the coffee mug impact the aroma, mouthfeel, lip feel, heat retention, and even oxidation of the caffeine in the coffee.

These findings have inspired many artisans, manufacturers, and designers to create coffee mugs that can maximize the potential of every coffee drink.

Things to Look For in A Coffee Mug


The material from which a mug is crafted affects the taste, heat retention, and aesthetics. And most coffee mugs usually come in porcelain, ceramic, glass, enamelware, and steel.

The ceramic-made coffee mug is one of the most popular types. It encompasses all types of natural and non-metallic materials, including clay and porcelain. Ceramic is often the best choice because it neither absorbs nor alters the taste of your coffee. It also preserves the temperature of the coffee quite well, keeping your coffee deliciously hot.

There are also coffee mugs shaped from glass. They certainly look elegant and classy. Moreover, glass has high heat retention properties, thus keeping the coffee’s flavor and aroma intact for a longer period. Environmentally-conscious individuals will also find this type amicable since it is recyclable.

Stainless steel is another market favorite. It outperforms the other two materials in insulation; it keeps your coffee hot longer than ceramic and glass. People on the go should consider having one because of its superior heat retention, non-porous, and durable features.


The size of the coffee mug matters. Surprising but true, the overall size of the mug directly affects the flavor of the coffee.

Research suggests that the headspace (or the space between liquid and top of the mug) facilitates the diffusion of the coffee’s aroma into the air. As we know it, aroma improves the taste of any food or drink including coffee in your mouth, which is explained by the tight link between sense of smell and taste.

The surface area of the mug can also influence the oxidation of coffee. As a result, the coffee's sweet and fruity flavors (depending on origin and roast level) become more noticeable.

Lastly, size is often a personal preference since it dictates the total volume of coffee the mug can hold. Stronger and bitter coffees are often served in small cup sizes, while sweeter, lighter, and milkier ones are often served in large coffee mugs. 


Who doesn’t love well-designed and artistic mugs? It must be thrilling and visually satisfying to see and drink in unique and beautiful cups.

Many people have been exploring coffee mugs with unique shapes, spectacular prints, and stunning colors. Coffee mugs made from ceramic and glass often come in more creative appearances than steel and plastic ones.


The kind of coffee mug best for you sometimes depends on your intended purpose, including where you want to use it.

Your home coffee mug can be anything. It can come in any shape, color, or design depending entirely on your personal taste and peg.

However, if you intend to use it outdoors like in your office or commute, you may want to reconsider some features. For an office and travel mug, lids are somehow required. A secured lid can prevent coffee from spilling out while at the same time, keeping your coffee hot for a longer period.

Coffee Type

Did you know that your coffee choice also matters when it comes to buying a coffee mug? Yes, it certainly does.

If you love your lattes, then medium-sized to large mugs are for you. Such coffee mugs will hold the thick milk foam better than small coffee cups.

For cappuccino and espresso, coffee cups are somehow standard. They come in sizes with fixed volumes. 


Of course, price is always a major consideration. Ceramics tend to be slightly cheaper than glass and stainless-steel ones, but there could be exceptions depending on the craftsmanship, manufacturer, and overall quality. 


Among these eight best Starbucks coffee mugs, the top one must be the New York Taxi Edition. The first reason is its minimalist and striking design. The neutrality of black and white bodes well with any gender, taste, and theme.

Second is its capacity to hold a notable amount of coffee drink, thanks to its tall and wide dimensions.

The final reason and probably the most important is its ability to improve your drinking experience by maintaining the right temperature and allowing effective diffusion of aroma.

Nonetheless, all these coffee mugs from Starbucks can serve as good coffee vessels and the best reminders of the beautiful places you have been to.

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