Best Glass Coffee Mugs

Best Glass Coffee Mugs

Hope you have fun sipping your coffee - perhaps from a ceramic or a steel mug. Introducing: Glass Coffee Mugs. With the glass type, you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your morning brew.

If you’re into Zen/yoga/meditation, glassware is available, although most of what you can see that are available are ceramic mugs with prints of Zen words and pictures of a person in a yoga position. Nevertheless, glass mugs are great for the practice of Zen.

Below are some of the best glass mugs to grace and bring a feel of sleekness to your coffee table – and your meditation time.

Read our Best Glass Coffee Mugs Review to find out.

Product Reviews

Different people have different opinions about what is the best glass coffee mug, but it all boils down to this: it is a matter of taste and function. 

Five of the best coffee mugs are reviewed below.

JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mug Set of 6 Clear Glass Coffee Cups 16 Oz 

JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mug Set of 6 Clear Glass Coffee Cups 16 Oz

Weighing only 0.1 ounce and having a capacity of 16 fluid ounces, the clear-glass JoyJolt Declan comes with a comfy handle and a satisfying 3.9-inch rim.


  • Lightweight – If the manufacturer’s claim of 0.1 ounce for weight is true, then this cup is one of the lightest coffee mugs around. JoyJolt’s double wall glass insulated version is advertised to be weighing 5.4 ounces each.
  • Handle - The easy-grip handle is designed to accommodate drinkers who prefer to wrap 2 or 3 fingers around it. The handle’s large distance from the side of the mug lessens the risk of getting burned when grabbing the cup straight from the microwave.
  • Heat Capacity - For this product, the recommended temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The manufacturer says this cup’s maximum heat capacity is 295 degrees, which is 83 degrees hotter than the temperature of boiling water.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Offers protection for the whole family and the environment. 


  • Flat base can fall off - The cup comes with a round extension at the base, much like a small separate saucer. The bad thing about it is that it can fall off from hand washing, so take care when washing. It will be a bad experience for your guests to see the base of their cups loosening or dropping.

    On the bright side, the flat base measures 3 inches, which ensures that the mug does not rock or tip off when standing.
  • Not completely shatter-free – This cup needs a lot of careful handling. It can break while being held or split at the bottom while standing on its own, according to some frustrated reviewers. 

Eparé 12 oz Glass Coffee Mugs, Set of 2 Clear Double Wall Insulated Glassware With Handle

Eparé 12 oz Glass Coffee Mugs, Set of 2 Clear Double Wall Insulated Glassware With Handle

Eparé offers a beautiful double-walled glass mug that maintains temperature effectively and brags of a floating optical effect.


  • Hand blown construction – This glass cup is made by glassblowing and molded by hand. It is made of hand blown borosilicate glass, which means the glass will not crack down under extreme thermal changes. The durable material makes these glasses the best choice for high-end restaurants, wineries and laboratories.
  • Condensation- resistant – During hot days, the double wall design is your ultimate trick to keep your cold beverages icy-cold for long. The design also eliminates condensation on the outside glass.
  • Dish machine safe – The hand blown construction also supports regular everyday use. You can safely store it in the freezer, heat it in the microwave and wash it in your dishwasher.

  • Size – This large cup measures 5 inches across (that includes the handle) and has 16-ounce volume capacity. This is a lightweight unit as well.

  • Good as a gift – Eparé’s mug scores high as a gift-able item and for being easy to hold and easy to clean.
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Handle – The handle may go loose, and allow water to get into the space between the two walls.

  • Origin – This product is made in China.

Bormioli Rocco Glass Coffee Mug Set, (6 Pack) Medium 10 ¾ Ounce with Convenient Handle

Bormioli Rocco Glass Coffee Mug Set, (6 Pack) Medium 10 ¾ Ounce with Convenient Handle

Many people love this coffee mug and this is the one you can choose for a perfect espresso machine brew. It comes with an attractive shape and looks sturdy.


  • Handle – The Bormilio Rocco sports a cold-touch handle, which is a nice feature for people who need to ensure that the handle is always cool to the touch. Even if drinks are reheated, the handle of this mug does not get hot. The handle also offers a comfortable grip.
  • Food-safe and lead-free – The mugs are crafted in Spain where they are manufactured using toxic-free and only the finest sand and material. The glass material is not fragile.
  • Easy cleaning – Wash only with soap and warm water. Also, the mugs are dishwasher safe. Simply deposit in the dish machine to get them sparklingly clear and clean for next time.
  • High scores – This mug receives good scores for warmth, sturdiness and value for money.
  • Lightweight – Easy to hold with a weight that is not heavy. The size is just right for a cup of coffee for guests.


  • Small size – The cup is not large, so it is not good for large coffee consumption on a single use. The size is good for making a latte or cappuccino but not in large amounts.
  • Handle – The handle does not get hot, but it has a ridge lining which can be uncomfortable to the touch.

Brew To A Tea - Insulated Coffee Mug/Glass, Large, Set of 4 (16oz, 500ml)

Brew To A Tea - Insulated Coffee Mug-Glass, Large, Set of 4 (16oz, 500ml)

Looking for another option for borosilicate mugs? The BTaT is also recommended in that category. Borosilicate is both BPA-free and lead-free.


  • Good scores – The BTaT scores high in being lightweight, heat retention and ease of hold and use. It is lightweight at 2 – 3 ounces when empty, but obviously heavier than the JoyJolt.
  • Double wall – The double wall design means that you can pick it up holding it at the rim without burning your hand. Double wall construction also means keeping your hot drink warm longer.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleans easily under a jet of warm water.

  • Volume capacity – The mugs can hold 16 ounces of hot and cold liquids. 16 ounces is a few milliliters shy of 500 ml. That’s almost half a liter.
  • Wide top – The rim’s diameter is 4 inches, but check for smaller units available from the manufacturer if so desired. 


  • Dishwashing not recommended – Moisture can be trapped inside the mug (between the walls)

  • Thick lid – Some users find the lip/rim on these mugs a bit thick to their taste.

  • No warranty – The ad says they offer warranty, but when you receive the box, it doesn’t come with a certificate. 

LUXU Glass Coffee Mugs Set of 4, Large Wide Mouth (14oz)

LUXU Glass Coffee Mugs Set of 4, Large Wide Mouth (14oz)

Slightly lower in volumetric capacity (at 14 ounces) and coming with a cylindrical clear-glass beauty, the LUXU glass mug is a multifunctional cup. It is also perfect for both cold and hot liquid mixes. The cup’s designed with the minimalist lifestyle in mind.


  • Borosilicate makeup – Another product made of borosilicate, this cup exhibits strong resistance to preservatives, alkalis and acids. Strong chemical stability also allows for prevention of harmful chemicals entering the user’s body by mistake.
  • Strongest points – lightweight and easy to hold; at 6.25 ounces when empty, it is still one of the heaviest glass cups around
  • Stability – With a wide circular base at the bottom, this cup is not easy to knock off.
  • Wide mouth – allows for easy insertion of hand and cleaning inside


  • Cheap look – comes with a very simple design; sturdy but simple construction

  • Thickness – The mugs come with thin sides; makes you think it is not safe throwing them into the dishwasher

How to Choose the Best Glass Coffee Mugs

There is size and capacity, and also the clearness of the crystal to consider, but other factors are important as well, such as the specific glass material the cup is made of, and whether or not it is a double-wall kind of a mug.

Size and Shape

Size and shape matter in choosing coffee mugs. Many coffee mugs come as prizes or promo items for some charitable orgs or company events.

The usual dimensions are 3.10 inches (W) and 3.75 inches (height). Other variations come with a capacity of 15 ounces and stand 4.5 inches and span 3.4 inches in diameter.

If you are a person with a normal hand size of 7.5 inches, you would prefer a well-balanced but small mug with a nice handle.

Yes, the handle should not be overlooked. Some can conveniently sip coffee on a mug with only one finger put on the handle. Most drinkers insert two fingers.

Size is also a consideration for what kind of coffee is your favorite. The sweeter type cappuccino is often served in a large and wide mug. The more bitter espresso usually comes in a short, narrow mug.

Along with size considerations is shape. Some people prefer one shape over another. Most mugs come with a cylindrical design while others are cube-shaped.

General Aesthetics

While size and shape deserve their own category as a prime consideration, they obviously fall under the umbrella of aesthetic appeal. Do you like the way your mug looks?

Relating to aesthetics are:

  • Balance and symmetry of shapes and lines
  • Contrast of texture
  • Line definition delineating shapes
  • Existence of a focal point that is supported by the other elements

Aesthetics is important because it can elevate the mind. Sipping your coffee in the morning from a mug that carries an aesthetic appeal that excites or calm your mind is a good way to start the day.


Are you looking for a glass coffee mug that you can bring with you on the go? Get one that can easily snug into your car’s cup holder.

How about a glass mug for camping brewing? Think about durability and the ease of packing it inside your camping bag.

Or are you a mother who cannot be bothered with hand-washing dishes? Then get one that is durable, can keep your brew warm, and is safe for washing in your dish machine. 

Single or Double Wall

If you need to have your drink hot for longer, consider buying a double-wall glass mug. The reason this type works for keeping liquid warm is because the air pocket in between walls slows down heat transfer from the liquid to the glass to your hand.

Advantages of Glass Coffee Mugs

It is not just the aesthetic appeal (or the different feeling that one gets from using a glass mug) that attracts many people to switching from ceramic or stainless steel to glass mugs. You can also contribute to campaigns aiming to protect Mother Earth because glass can be easily recycled unlike steel or ceramic.

Creative Possibilities

The transparent look of glass bestows a view of the contents poured inside the mug, which is artistically pleasing. That’s the visual allure of glass. In production, glass cups are molded from simple to highly complex forms.

The nice thing is there are ways you can personalize your glass mug and there are online services for that. Browse their clipart gallery to find your preferred graphics. For businesses, they can upload their logos to be incorporated into the design.

Liquid Heat Retention

The high heat retention capacity of glass is one of its significant benefits when used as the material for making mugs. Due to the relatively low thermal conductivity of the glass mug, the hot liquid inside can maintain a warm temperature for the longest of time.

By comparison, the thermal conductivity of ceramic is higher at three times the thermal conductivity of glass. 


Ceramic mugs are heavier than their glass counterparts, which means glass mugs don’t add much weight force for your hand to carry.

It also depends on the amount of material used, but with just about the same volume and quality of construction, glass coffee mugs weigh much less than ceramic mugs.


Glass is 100% recyclable and it can be recycled over and over again without losing its purity and quality. Glass is also made from readily-available materials like limestone, soda ash and sand.

Because glass can be recycled without losing its quality and purity, manufacturers of glass products often use recycled glass, which lowers their production expense. 


Glass coffee mugs come in different styles, thickness, construction, base materials and handles. Read other reviews because you want to make sure you will get really sturdy mugs that will not easily shatter into pieces after months of use.

For this roundup, the Bormilio Rocco is the clear winner. We love that the handle is always cool to the touch since many unwanted spilling and accidents happen because the person thought that it is safe to grasp the handle expecting it is not hot.

This mug’s not large enough for people who love drinking a lot of coffee in one sitting, but we think there are not many of this type of people. Most people are happy drinking on a short talk or a short work break, so large containers are not really necessary. A small cup would suffice oftentimes.

The ridge lining on the mug’s handle isn’t a concern for us either.

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