Best Dachshund Coffee Mugs

Looking for a mug to blend with your morning coffee meditation sessions? One with a yoga pose image suits perfectly, but dachshund coffee mugs suit perfectly as well.
If you have a dachshund under your care, spice up your reflection routine with his image. Below is a review of dachshund mugs to consider.

Read our Best Dachshund Coffee Mugs Review to find out.

Product Reviews

Dachshund mugs come in different sizes and shapes. The dachshund image may come with an inspirational quote or just a standalone print. Some are designed to hold large amounts of liquid, while others are designed to be smaller for emphasis on “cuteness”. Here’s our review.

Spindle Gifts Yoda Best Dachshunds Mom - Novelty Gift Mugs for Dog Lovers

Spindle Gifts Yoda Best Dachshunds Mom - Novelty Gift Mugs for Dog Lovers

Completing our A-List is this Yoda Best version provided by Spindle Gifts. Particularly great with its strong ceramic construction and makeup, it loses points when it comes to user reviews which are rare. In fact at Amazon, the page only features one review. This is true with other coffee mugs sold at the giant e-commerce site.


  • Print – It comes with heavy-duty printing. Unless you intend to inflict damage, this mug will not scratch. The manufacturer claims they use a kiln that they heat to 1403 degrees to make sure their mugs will last a long time without fading or scratching. 
  • Funny image – Features a dachshund holding hands with an alien-looking creature that is supposed to represent a mom. 
  • Wide brim – Wide mouth allows for easy cleaning on interior surfaces and corners
  • Base – Wide base makes this mug not easy to tip over


  • No info on weight
  • Scanty number of reviews on Amazon

ThisWear Dog Lover Gifts Best Dachshund Mom Ever Coffee Mug Tea Cup, White

ThisWear Dog Lover Gifts Best Dachshund Mom Ever Coffee Mug Tea Cup, White

Being gift-able as its strongest point, this coffee mug is a perfect present for dog moms. The print says it all.

The handle is akin to the shape of the first coffee mug above. Checking the handles of several dachshund coffee mugs available, we found that most of them sport the same C-shaped handle.


  • Dish machine and microwave safe item - The handle remains cool when reheating coffee in the microwave.
  • Impressive print - The lettering looks substantial and covers just the right area on either side. The paint on this mug is well-done and clear.
  • For both lefty and righty – Prints are on both sides
  • Strongest points – Packaging and sturdiness come as next strongest features. 
  • Great and safe packing – Customers’ feedback usually mentions the quality packaging meant to protect the item from breakage due to impact. 
  • Quote – Some people say the quote is the best message ever in dachshund mugs. 
  • Handle – Easy-grip handle 
  • Weight – Not heavy when filled with 11/2 cups of hot coffee


  • Size – This is also an 11-ounce mug. If you are looking for something that can hold 15 ounces of liquid, an 11-ounce mug might be too small for you. 
  • Dog expression is unclear – Facial expression of the dachshund image is not revealed. The image is made of black color, which naturally forbids showing of facial expression. 

ThisWear Dog Lover Mug Best Dachshund Doxen Doxie Dad Ever Coffee Mug Tea Cup, White

ThisWear Dog Lover Mug Best Dachshund Doxen Doxie Dad Ever Coffee Mug Tea Cup, White

Another dish machine washable mug that comes with the same print presentation for the dog mom unit above, only this time, we have a unit that specifically targets dads or dog dads. This is also a microwavable mug with a handle that does not turn hot when reheating coffee in the microwave.


  • Vivid and highly-readable text – Uses a printing process that ensures a vibrant, detailed design that does not fade or chip.
  • Highest-grade ceramic – Ceramic material has high chemical purity, low porosity and free of flaws or micro-cracks.
  • Print – The print is present on both front side and back side and does not lose its color and glossiness after years of use. 
  • Large mouth and handle – Wide mouth supports easy manual washing. Handle is sturdy and easy to grip. 
  • Strong points – Scores high on clear printing, gift-able, and material quality. 
  • Size (11 ounces) – Just the right size. Not too small so you have enough of your cappuccino or latte. Not too big, so that your coffee retains heat for long. 


  • Not for espresso – For espresso, you need something that has a really thick wall. These “mom” and “dad” dachshund coffee mugs fail in that criterion.

ThisWear I Love My Wiener Dog Mug Funny Dachshund Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

ThisWear I Love My Wiener Dog Mug Funny Dachshund Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

Most dachshund coffee mugs come with a simple print, but the nice thing about them is that the fun that they are designed to evoke can surely brighten someone’s day. The I Love My Weiner Dog Mug is one of them. Get a laugh with the smiling dog printed on the opposite sides of this mug.


  • Print on both sides – Are a lefty and your husband’s a righty? Everyone can have a good view of the print since the mug features it on both sides. 
  • Microwave safe – Go ahead and heat up your glorious liquid. This cup’s got you covered. 
  • Environment-friendly wrapping – The thick and sturdy box packaging is surrounded with biodegradable packing peanuts inside. The box measures 8 x 8 x 8.
  • Mid-sized cup – This is what you can say a way to avoid to go to either extremes – not too large and not too small. Also, it is a way to make sure that you have all the coffee you need in one sitting without refilling. This mug is 11 ounces. 
  • Design and writing intact – After multiple washings, this cup still looks new and nothing there has been rubbed off. 
  • Strongest points – gift-able, dish machine and microwave safe, sturdy construction


  • C-shaped handle – The handle seems to have been designed for people who need to wrap all fingers for holding. It is way too large. 

Wampumtuk I Like Your Weiner Dachshund Dog Lover, 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug

Wampumtuk I Like Your Weiner Dachshund Dog Lover, 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug

Coming in with one of the simplest prints ever put on a dachshund mug, this Wampumtuk version also comes with an 11-ounce capacity. The thing that makes this one stand out is the image of the dog that displays “life is fun.” If you have a dachshund that is enjoying the best of his years in your companionship, perhaps this cup is your best option.


  • Print and message – If thinking of a gift for a dachshund lover, the message printed is all you want to say to the recipient [“I like your (followed by the image of a dachshund underneath)”. 
  • Neat trimming – The bottom of this cup is trimmed well and skillfully. There are no sharp edges
  • Glaze – The varnish is not garish or too dazzling for your early morning brain. The look is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Weight – This cup weighs 390 grams per the ad. Good thing they included that information. It makes you feel that the manufacturer is confident of their cup having a comfortable weight. 
  • Shape – This cup comes with easy-to-clean surfaces and has no sharp corners that are hard to scrub. 


  • Handle – The C-shaped handle is (again!) too big. You can insert all of your five fingers. A room enough for three fingers to use for holding would be perfect.

How to Choose the Best Dachshund Coffee Mug

For some people, creativity is the most important aspect in choosing a mug. Others would simply go for just the right size and nothing else.

However, durability is of foremost consideration, because you want your mug to last for as long as it could, and as many years to grace your morning coffee table. 

Durability and Material

When it comes to strength and longevity, the prime aspects are material and construction. When it comes to material, it boils down to three options: glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the best material in the area of longevity, because it is quite indestructible. Steel possesses lifelong properties that do not diminish due to repeated use. In addition, it has a superior advantage in terms of weight-strength ratio.

Glass cups are fragile and therefore need to be given the best of careful handling. You might not like the idea of worrying about your glass cup breaking while you are trying to achieve a state of Nirvana.

Glass scores high in the aesthetic side, but loses in the area of durability, which is a common complaint among coffee drinkers.

Ceramics, on the other hand, possess strong chemical bonding and structure. The material can withstand high temperatures, strongly resists expansion when heated, and is a good thermal insulator.

If you want a cup that resists appearance and propagation of cracks while keeping your coffee warm longer, your best option is ceramic, and thankfully, most available dachshund coffee mugs are made from ceramic materials.

Size and Shape

Nowadays, society favors large mugs, but forty years ago, it was different. Back then, the standard size was around 4 to 8 ounces, but nowadays, most mugs come with a capacity of at least 14 ounces. The halls of coffee-ware stores are filled with the big guys.

Nonetheless, if you feel comfy with a small cup and it gives you a better sense of spirituality and mindfulness, there are still available cups for that purpose.

For reference, espresso cups, which usually come with petite sizes, are cups with a volumetric capacity of 3 or 4 ounces. For big espresso drinkers, just come back for a refill as often as you want. That way, you can also maintain your desired temperature all the time.

Besides the size is the shape. You have lots of options - from tall skinny mugs to shallow mugs with a large mouth. The latter option is, of course, not ideal for people who like their coffee hot all the time and do not want to drink their coffee fast.

If you’re meditating for long every single time, perhaps the best you should settle for is a size that can carry large amounts of liquid, and a shape that can keep your coffee warmer for the longest amount of time.

Handle and Weight

Think about how you will wrap your fingers around the handle. Do you need to insert only one finger? Most people’s comfort grip is two fingers.

How about a small cup with a large handle protruding upwards? If you don’t mind multiple refills but want the handle to accommodate your large fingers, get this type of construction and design.

The weight also matters. With the cup already filled with searing hot liquid to the brim, you don’t want the entire weight to exceed what you can manage holding comfortably.

General Aesthetics

People who are into the Zen practice like you can’t stop thinking about beauty and artistic taste. You can customize your cup by using online services. How about infusing the exact copy of your lovely and cute dachshund on it?


Are you traveling a lot and continue your meditation sessions while far away from home? A large size may be perfect for you, as well as a spill-resistant lid. Don’t forget to consider a stylish look, so you can be proud showing off your mug off in meetings and conference breaks.

Do you love coffee drinking while camping? Don’t get something that is too heavy and too big for packing. The material must be very durable to withstand the changing atmospheric conditions of the outdoors.

Ways You Can Use Your Coffee Mugs Apart from Hot Coffee or Iced Tea Drinking

Say you have forty or fifty dachshund mugs and other mug types in your collection.

Many of those cups represent places and events in your past, so you can’t just easily part with them, but you also need to declutter your cabinet. One of your options is to repurpose them.

With these ways of repurposing your treasure, you can make them remain in your home and successfully free your cupboard space:


  • Seedling starters – Use old cups as planters. Infuse “life” into an otherwise empty and lifeless space.
  • Pet bowls – If you have low, wide cappuccino mugs, these can be perfect for use as pet bowls.

  • Candle holders – Add the touch of a candle flame to your quest for bliss and spiritual enlightenment


Our list consists only of 11-ounce dachshund coffee mugs, so if you’re looking for a bigger size, we apologize that we haven’t included one with that size. We think that the 11-ounce capacity will suit most coffee drinkers who are not heavy drinkers.

For this round-up, we consider the Wampumtuk coffee mug to be the winner. We love that they have indicated the weight of the cup and the useful info of “no sharp edges” is also included.

We also love the “smile” depicted on the dog’s printed image on the “I love wiener” version, but the Wampumtuk depiction comes pretty close to bringing that same fun effect.

That fun feeling should hopefully help jack up and energize your journey towards a higher level of consciousness.

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