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Community Coffee

I am the kind of coffee drinker that finds myself attached to a certain taste of the coffee. This doesn’t mean we do not try others.

It is fun exploring brews after brews, but it’s just that I am always coming back for this distinct flavor and aroma my system has grown accustomed to – the Community Coffee.

Product Overview

Community Coffee

By far, Breakfast Blend is the most sought out medium roast coffee by Community Coffee. As its name suggests, this is the go-to coffee every morning when having breakfast, since it is smooth, bright, and has a whiff of honey and hazelnut.

Its acidic content is regulated so that it is more compatible with its intention— being the morning alarm to awaken the senses and revving up our gears.


Moreover, its caffeine content is 50% lower than that of a standard serving of pure coffee despite being a medium dart roast. I personally like this Breakfast Blend because it doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste that I would not desire early in the morning.

I think it is perfectly designed and befits its name perfectly. Although the blend is not currently pure organic certified, knowing that it is made of 100% Arabica beans should easily take our doubts away.

Defined as a blend that is not too strong but bold enough to be notable against other brands. Smooth and rich, priced accordingly to the needs of the customers without jeopardizing the quality standards of the product. The fragrance it gives is something that must now be overlooked as well. It gives a solid and pleasant aroma all throughout.


Let’s be honest. While there are so many good points to the brand, there are also downsides. The good thing is that there is an expansive range that one disadvantage of a variety can be compensated by another.

Initially, the most significant advantage of the Breakfast Blend is its market accessibility as it is easily obtainable.

The product is established enough to have a sound price regulation, so prices remain affordable. Everything about it is inviting, from the appeal of the proper packaging and, of course, the overwhelming aroma from the first time opening the package.

Next is in terms of taste, what they claim is what you get. Reviews upon reviews are about the satisfaction they had with Breakfast Blend.


Breakfast Blend can be so much, but sadly it can’t be everything. There are reviews claiming that the coffee blend tastes stale or that the aroma had faded, but this could be because of the series of shipping and travel that the products went through before reaching the market.

There are also complaints that the flavor seemed off or flat and is weaker than their standard. This may be due to the improper storage of the coffee, like being stored in a high-temperature room that can directly affect the contents of the product.

What is a Community Coffee?

One telling factor that a coffee is good enough is when it has overcome the challenge of time. Run for over four generations and is derived by the locals' warmth and support, Community Coffee continues to give back their gratitude by their consistent brews.

Beans are roasted and grounded to produce the most ideally rich and flavorful coffee. In return, it remains one of the most established and successful in the industry.

Through the years, Community Coffee accumulated a wide array of coffee products to cater to every need of its beloved customers, always providing the best fit to everyone’s shoe, or in this matter— cup. From the lightest to the heaviest. The most convenient and accessible.

Be it a unique or uniform type of coffee, Community Coffee is sure to have one to suit every taste bud.

Types of Coffee


I prefer Community Coffee’s K-cups because of one thing and it is consistency. Personally, it gives me peace when I get the identical taste with my every cup, like I know things are in order and remains the same way as they are.

It is easy to settle with k-cups as a comfort coffee type because the amount is accurately measured in packets, so there is no need for estimating how much is in a cup, just brew it and everything is fine.

Whole beans

On the other hand, if you are the type that wants to be more personal with your coffee, like you want to exert effort to the process, whole beans might be more suited to you. As the saying goes, it tastes better when you prepare it yourself.

You get to decide how coarse or fine the beans are when you grind them since it will affect the manner and the taste of the coffee. Compared to ground beans, whole beans stay fresh longer.


For those that are always on the go, ground coffee could be the finest choice. In terms of accessibility and convenience— it can be packed and brought anywhere, and it can be prepared anytime.

No brewers needed like k-cups, no grinding required like whole beans. All you need is hot water, a cup, stirrer, and you are all set! The preparation is almost instant.

Caffeinated or Decaf?

Another wholesome thing about Community Coffee, true to their vision to serve every coffee drinker, is their concern for consumers. Whether you are like me, who prefers caffeinated coffee to keep me awake and alert for the day, or someone who just wants a light and smooth cup without compromising the taste and feels of coffee, decaf is for you.

Community Coffee’s decaf variety leaves no chemical processing aftertaste that other decafs have. It is just a smooth & rich coffee. Patrons even claim that they almost cannot distinguish the caffeinated and decaffeinated!

Types of Roasting

Generally, there are three types of roasting that beans undergo, with each level giving its own unique taste and aroma.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the beans are roasted against high flames, the stronger its flavor gets that may not be suitable for every consumer, and also the acidity and caffeine content decreases. Medium roasts are a favorite for being well-balanced.

Light Roast

With light roasting, the rawness of the bean flavor persists. This means a more complex taste, toasty and pure because most of its original features are maintained and not totally roasted out of it.

This also means it is more acidic and has higher caffeine content than the other roasting levels. This is preferred by moderate drinkers and an excellent way to kick start the day, but do not intend to intake more than one cup.


Medium roast provides a more balanced flavor and aroma than the other two. This is the reason why medium roast is opted by many, not too light but not too strong either.

The flavor is impressive, reviewed as not so dark and oily compared to others that are priced the same. Medium roast is a good cup when the need for coffee arises any time of the day.

Dark Roast

Because of heavy roasting time, this level has less caffeine but has the most robust flavor. The taste quite fits its burnt black color and is bitter but satisfying to taste.

This may not be ideal for light drinkers, but at the same time, it is the best choice for those wanting a bold and rich flavored coffee. A regular coffee in a 6-ounce serving contains 100mg of caffeine, and that is worth noting for those that are conscious of their caffeine intake.

Alternative Products

Community Coffee Signature Blend Dark Roast, Ground, 32 Ounces (4 Pack)

Community Coffee Signature Blend Dark Roast, Ground, 32 Ounces (4 Pack)

Signature Blend Dark Roast. Considered to be the pioneering blend of Community Coffee. Despite being a dark roast, it noticeably isn’t bitter than usually expected, so it quickly became a favorite and paved the way for early success, notably serving for over 100 years.

Best suited for people that enjoy the full potential of dark roast that tastes impeccably robust and is not containing high levels of caffeine and acidity.

Price: Roughly the same
Features: Dark Roast, has a hint of dark chocolate
Benefits: Low acidity & low caffeine level

Community Coffee 64 oz Coffee and Chicory Blend, Ground (32oz, Pack of 2)

Community Coffee 64 oz Coffee and Chicory Blend, Ground (32oz, Pack of 2)

Coffee and Chicory Blend. The addition of roasted chicory to the standard brewing just took it to another level. The flavor is a mixed balance of sweetness and spice.

The content is 30% chicory and 70% coffee beans, making the experience still delightful to pure coffee lovers, but tasting the distinct flavor of the chicory.

This is good for people that may or may not have tried chicory-infused coffee before. The blend promises a new and exciting adventure for them, especially since it can be combined with milk and sugar.

Price: More expensive
Features: Medium Roast, semi-sweet with a whiff of spice
Benefits: Balanced acidity & caffeine level

Community Coffee Five Star Hotel Blend Medium Roast Coffee, Ground, 12 Ounces

Community Coffee Five Star Hotel Blend Medium Roast Coffee, Ground, 12 Ounces

Five Star Hotel Blend: Described as a medium roast coffee that boasts its unique fruity aroma and the sweet taste. As its name suggests, this alternative gives off the vibes of having a great cup served of high-end establishments but still on the pricing standards of Community Coffee that is affordable. This is best for people who want style and elegance with their coffee.

The above three alternatives can be considered when finding a new way to introduce someone that declines the typical coffee. Or it could be for you if you want to rediscover coffee in a new light, as it did for me.

Price: A tiny bit expensive
Features: Medium Roast, fruity aroma, sweet & tangy
Benefits: Balanced acidity & caffeine level


In conclusion, Breakfast Blend is not only my comfort coffee, but I can also say it is my ‘home’ coffee, the type I know I will always go back to even after trying out others.

Although the wide selection they offer is so flexible that it complements my mood and personality, if I want to go mellow and soft or want to be rough and expressive, I can do so easily with the variety they have.

Coffee is my expression as to wine is to others, or any other food or drink they want to associate their personalities with.

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