Best Chihuahua Coffee Mugs

Best Chihuahua Coffee Mugs

Chihuahuas and coffee - can you name a more iconic duo? These life essentials are definitely at the top of my priority list. If you agree (and of course you do), I bet you can also concur that chihuahua coffee mugs are the best way to express your devotion to these must-haves.

Read our Best Chihuahua Coffee Mugs Review to find out.

Product Reviews

Following are reviews of the best chihuahua coffee mugs on the market:

MUGBREW Black Tan Chihuahua Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup, 11 OZ


  • Its minimalistic, classy design is perfect for the millennial chihuahua parent.
  • Made with ceramic material in a high-gloss finish.
  • Printed in the USA using high-quality ink that won't fade or chip off. Lead-free for your safety.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Eye color is customizable. Just make sure to tell the seller what you need.


  • Only comes in an 11 ounce size. It's still within the standard size for mugs, but avid coffee fans may be wary.
  • Printing quality is sometimes a hit or miss. Pictures can appear off-centered from the handle or colors may be poorly done.
  • Glossy material may stain over time.

This one features a clean yet stunning product design of a chihuahua peering up at you from the bottom of a sturdy coffee cup. It would certainly look good on your Instagram stories next to the words "good morning" or "begin the day with a sip of positive energy."

Adorable Dog Breed Design 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug (Chihuahua)


  • Colorful, fun print that's also available in a variety of other breeds. You can get more than one, I won't tell.
  • Printed in the USA using lead-free ink.
  • The actual product looks exactly as it does in the photo. No clumsy, overlapping print jobs. No watered-down colors. Only fulfilled expectations.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe for the busy coffee lover.
  • The brand is Mystic Sloth. How amazing is that?


  • The mugs are sourced from Thailand, if that's an issue for you. Though the seller guarantees that their mugs contain absolutely no lead.
  • Comes in only one size - 11 ounces. They should consider offering a bigger size. You know, to give justice to that sweet chihuahua staring up at you from the cup.
  • Doesn't come in its own purposefully designed box. Might stir up issues during shipping.

We have a vibrantly colored piece with a modern design that's sure to bring a much appreciated pop of color to your space. The thoughtful-looking chihuahua against a lively blue background will be there to inspire you and help you breeze through your day.

Dog Lover Mug Best Chihuahua Mom Ever Dog Puppy Supplies Gift


  • Sleek, practical design.
  • Made of ceramic material with lead-free sublimation print.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Has a large, easy to hold C-shaped handle.
  • Comes in 11 ounce and 15 ounce sizes.
  • Comes in a convenient box that's easy to gift wrap.
  • No one will ever doubt that you are a legitimate chihuahua mom.


  • What about chihuahua dads? They need coffee, too.

Here’s a simple cup with the words "Best Chihuahua Mom Ever" printed on it. Definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts you could ever get from your chihuahua baby as a pet parent. It comes in two patterns - one for the minimalist chihuahua mom and another for the edgier, more fashionable chihuahua mom.

Chihuahua Mom Gifts Mug For Christmas Women Men Dad Decor Lover Decorations Stuff


  • Has a straightforward design that will suit practical chihuahua lovers who need to have their coffee cups filled five times a day.
  • Made of lead-free, high-grade white orca ceramic.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe. Very sturdy material.
  • Cute and sassy design is printed on both sides to make sure everyone knows how much you prefer chihuahuas.
  • Has a funny, eye-catching quote that's relatable for most people despite gender preference, age, or race.
  • Arrives exactly as shown in the sample photo. No problematic surprises.
  • Comes in a box that's convenient for gift-wrapping or for storing your mug when you're renovating or moving out from your home.
  • You can choose from an 11 ounce or a 15 ounce mug to suit your needs.


  • Simple black and white print may not appeal to more artsy coffee drinkers.
  • A tad bit pricey at $19.95.

This mug features a lounging chihuahua flaunting her gorgeous neck folds. The inspiring words "All I care about is my chihuahua...and like maybe 3 people" are artfully floating above and underneath the sweet animal.

3D Hand Painted Dog Coffee Tea Ceramic Mug (Chihuahua)


  • Well-crafted mug with a unique and playful design. This is sure to be the center of attention among all your countertop ornaments.
  • Includes a matching spoon with a pawprint on the handle.
  • Crafted from dolomite ceramic. Lead- and cadium-free material.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe. However, hand-washing is recommended. (You wouldn't stick a painting inside the dishwasher, would you?)
  • Can serve as a decorative desk buddy or a pencil holder.
  • It's bigger than it looks. This mug can actually hold 12-14 oz of liquid! It'll surely make for a satisfying cup of coffee.
  • Other dog breeds are also available.


  • Its unusual design may make it awkward to drink from, especially since the chihuahua's ears might come up a bit too close to your eye.
  • No two mugs are exactly alike. As a result, some finished products may have minor flaws.
  • May be tricky to store (the nose might break off!).
  • The spoon seems too fragile as some say that theirs arrived broken and unusable.

This stunning piece of art is professionally hand painted and features a stylish 3D chihuahua head. The detail on this handcrafted item is sure to mesmerize you and anyone else nearby. You can use it as a muse to draw inspiration from any time of the day.

Yoda Best Chihuahua Grandma - Novelty Gift Mugs for Dog Lovers


  • As mentioned, strangely and cunningly specific for chihuahua and Yoda elderly ladies who most likely have grandchildren. This will make for a hilarious, very memorable gift for grandma.
  • Made of ceramic, scratch-proof material that has been heated in a 1410 degree kiln. The lead-free print might never fade.
  • Comes in a specially designed white shipper box to make sure that your mug is safe from surprise attacks by the Empire.
  • You can still love this even if you don't know Yoda. Just think of him as a little green chihuahua caretaker.


  • It's only available in an 11 ounce size. What a bummer, I know.
  • Chihuahua granddads, anyone? I am trying to be gender inclusive.
  • If Yoda creeps you out, maybe don't get this one?

This mug is very specific for chihuahua and Yoda grandmas. If you are lucky enough to have this person in your life, they would definitely adore this mug. If you yourself fit the above description, you need this mug. No further questions.

Watercolor Chihuahua, Pet Dog Animal Mug

CHIHUAHUA Mom Paw Print 1 Mug

Custom I Love My Chihuahua Mug

Long Hair Chihuahua Puppy Dog Red Love Coffee Mug

Sleeps With Chihuahuas Two-Tone Coffee Mug

I Love My Grandma Chihuahua / Chiweenie Garden Mug

A mug holds more than a hot beverage. (Be careful though, that coffee is hot.)

There's nothing more intimate than that bond between mankind and caffeine. The latter coursing through your veins, elevating your soul, prepping you physically and mentally for another grueling day at work. You know you'd never survive without it. I mean, not without some serious withdrawal symptoms.

But seriously, you are not truly awake until you've savored your first sip of morning coffee. And in the middle of this coffee-infusing ritual lies our humble coffee mug.

Mugs are underrated. We literally use them every day and we can still take them for granted. It's not surprising, really. I do neglect to wash my mugs sometimes. But you can bet I'd use it again when I need that caffeine fix.

What Makes a Good Mug

Coffee (or tea) drinkers will know that there is such a thing as a perfect mug. There are mugs that are too small, too big, too heavy, or too light. There is also the textural consideration. Some may opt for a smooth, glossy surface, while others may prefer the sort of rough, traditional finish of some earthenware cups.

The amount, quality, and type of material used will greatly affect the finished product. A cheaply made cup could be dangerous since it could break while you're handling it. If it does crack while you're drinking hot coffee, you could find yourself in the emergency room for a serious burn - and not the sarcastic kind.

Harmful Mugs and How Not to Find Them

Not all mugs are made equal. Some are manufactured using substandard material that can have harmful contaminants such as lead or cadmium. When looking for a suitable mug, make sure to verify what kind of material it's made with.

Ceramic is a better choice compared to traditional earthenware material, which might contain lead in the paint. Also, don't forget to check where it's made. Some countries don't have stringent rules regarding the manufacture of kitchenware, so it's good to do some research beforehand.

Lead can build up in the body over time. Prolonged or excessive exposure can cause problems such as high blood pressure, weak bones, or headaches. Lead poisoning is especially worrisome for children, since it can cause developmental delays, learning disabilities, or frightening symptoms such as seizures [1, 3]. Pregnant women and their unborn babies are also at risk for the harmful effects of lead.

Why is Lead Found in Mugs?

Traditional pottery uses clay painstakingly formed and baked into artisan kitchenware. Beautifully colored paints are often used to decorate these handmade treasures. The clay used is naturally porous and needs to be glazed so that those pores can be properly sealed. (Because who wants large pores, right?) Unfortunately, the glaze used to seal the earthenware may contain lead.

Baking the clay in a kiln at ultra high temperatures binds all the harmful contaminants inside the glaze, preventing them from leaching out of the cup and into your beverage. The kiln has to be at the proper temperature though, or else it won't be enough to keep all the harmful elements out of your cup of Joe.

Sealing in the heavy metals is not a surefire way to keep them from getting in your body. Cracks or chips from damaged mugs may release more lead than is safe for consumption. This is especially true for old, worn tableware or for pottery with decorations painted on top of the glaze itself.

Cracks May Do More Harm Than You Realize

Acidic food and drinks can cause lead to seep out from crockery more quickly. Also, heating your clay or ceramic kitchenware in the microwave can cause small cracks to develop over time. Choosing a microwave and dishwasher safe mug is not only convenient, but healthier for you. 

It might also be a good idea to replace your old cups and dishes if you've been using them for quite some time. If you're not keen on throwing them away, you can still use your beautifully crafted dishes as decorations or accents for your home. It's better to be safe than to drink lead, I always say.

Most potteries in America no longer use lead-based glazes or paints. Look for high-quality ceramic material that's labeled "made and painted in the United States" to make sure that you're not getting an unhealthy dose of heavy metals along with your morning coffee.

What Else is in A Mug?

An ideal coffee cup will be microwave and dishwasher safe for more reasons than one. Sudden changes in liquid temperature can cause a poorly-made mug to crack. Choose one that is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, and is sturdy enough to avoid scratching in the dishwasher. You might not want a cute coffee cup only to wash it by hand with lukewarm water a few times a day just to keep it from breaking apart.

The design matters, too. We want our mug to be a representation of ourselves, especially if you intend to use it in the office. It might help remind you who you are in the middle of all that paperwork. Hence, the search for a sweet chihuahua coffee mug.

The chihuahua is a small but very energetic animal, fighting for dominance one yip at a time. Few dogs are as iconic as these little primadonnas. Sure, the queen of England has her corgis, but chihuahuas sit on the laps of the rich and famous.


In terms of design, I would have to pick the chihuahua Yoda grandma mug - the picture is simply adorable! It's also a clear winner in terms of safety and quality as it uses high-quality ink and is made in the USA. I'm fairly certain that there's no lead anywhere near this feisty little coffee cup.

Second place goes to the "All I care about is my chihuahua" mug. It has a classic design that suits my introverted, low-key, serene vibe. Similar to the Yoda mug, it's also made with high-quality ceramic and printed in the USA. What I love about this one is that I can get both a small and a large coffee cup to suit my dynamic caffeine requirements.

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