Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn Coffee Makers

Coffee is one of the oldest and most beloved beverages in the world. This love for the beverage certainly rings true for me! As a teacher and a Masters student, juggling work, studies, and research is exceptionally taxing. Fortunately, coffee helps a great deal with that. A Bunn Coffee Maker would have saved me so much time and money had I discovered it sooner!

Product Overview

Bunn Coffee Makers

Chances are, you've already heard of Bunn coffee makers if you're an avid coffee lover. Bunn has long been recognized as one of the finest coffee maker brands available. If you've ever used a Bunn coffee maker, you understand how well they function and how delicious the coffee is.

Among the numerous Bunn Coffee Makers in the market, however, a standout is the Velocity Brewer. It is one of the quickest coffee makers on the shelves right now. This is the Bunn coffee maker you should buy if you want to make coffee at home.

It can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in just under 3 minutes. There is no smarter method to brew coffee than this. It is the most recent edition, with a slew of additional features. The arc configuration of the spout makes for fast pouring without any spills. The drip form is the same. The coffee pours into the carafe rather than forming a wet mess around it.

What’s been said about this machine is all true. Overall, it is excellent and reliable, giving you blissful cups of coffee each day with consistency in both taste and fragrance. It keeps up the ideal temperature and is also pretty quick and simple to utilize.

Features & Benefits

In only three minutes, you can enjoy hot, good coffee. That is not a typographical error. BUNN, arguably the most well-known brand of coffee maker, delivers hot, natural, upper-level cafe-quality coffee in just three minutes. While this 10-cup coffee maker is intended for use at home, it can still function as well in a professional coffee shop unit.

The stainless steel tanks keep water at the desired temperature all day, so it's ready when you need it. The spray head evenly distributes the ground coffee beans. This ensures that you get to enjoy the full taste and fragrance of your favorite brew.

But let’s move on to the specific features that truly make this product what it is:


When it comes to speed, few coffee makers can surpass the BUNN GRB Velocity Brewer. Its claim-to-fame is its ability to deliver a full pot of cafe-grade coffee in only 3 minutes, and with each load of the machine allowing for 4 to 10 cups of coffee, you won’t have to refill it too often.


The GRB Velocity Brewer features a carafe that doesn’t drip. It also comes with a custom lid design that prevents spillage when you pour your coffee. It is likewise able to consistently heat the water reservoir so you can enjoy your coffee immediately or just when you want to.

In terms of the actual coffee-making, Its spacious bottom filter and funnel facilitates more interaction between the water and the coffee grounds so the extraction of the flavor is guaranteed. Its spray head utilizes multiple streams that allow for the even distribution of hot water on the coffee ground, thus retaining the richness of the flavor and aroma of the coffee. 


The BUNN GRB Velocity Brewer is supported by BUNN’s customer service based in Springfield, Illinois. So, for any questions or problems that may arise, you can guarantee that their staff will be ready to answer and accommodate your concern. Furthermore, the product is covered by a three-year warranty, so you can have peace of mind as to the security of your device.


Last but not the least, coming in at a very reasonable price on Amazon, this coffee maker packs a punch when it comes to value for your money!

Whether you use it at home or work, this coffee maker gives you a great start to the day and keeps you going through the day by making strong coffee quickly! Simply press the button and wait for it to brew!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bunn Coffee Maker

For busybodies such as myself, a quick and relaxing boost of energy can make a big difference between an unbearable and a “meh, it was busy” kind of day. Fortunately for people like you and me, coffee helps us get through the day!

Going to the nearest Starbucks daily, however, can be pretty taxing, both on your time and your money. As such, a reliable coffee maker that sits right on our countertops can save us from all that hassle.

If you’re the kind who genuinely loves the atmosphere of a cafe or the thrill of meeting new people as you drink your coffee, then perhaps a coffee maker just might no make sense. For people who are always on the go or simply prefer their own company within the comfort of their own home, then getting to enjoy that delicious cup without having to step outside is a must!

If you decide to go through with buying your own Bunn coffee maker, make sure to take note of the following:


Purchasing a coffee maker is a long-term investment. If you go for a single-serving system, you'll be spending money on the pods and capsules regularly, which will cost a few dollars per box. You'll have to buy fresh filters and grounds. So make sure to consider your choices and think about what is best for you and your wallet.

Special Features

Are you the kind of person who loves to drink coffee daily? If yes, you'll need a machine that can be programmed to start automatically the night before. Are you frantic when you head out the door? Choose a model that turns off immediately so you don't have to think about anything else while you head to work.

Type of Carafe

In a glass vs. stainless steel thermal carafe comparison, there's a far bigger disparity than just the appearance. Glass pots, for example, allow you to see the coffee being prepared and are mostly open-air, causing the scent of freshly brewed coffee to pervade your home.

If you like the routine of preparing coffee, the scent might be a must-have for you. A glass container keeps food warm for about 20 minutes. However, a thermal, stainless steel pot will keep food warm for close to an hour. Once you're done, you'll have to wash it by hand, while a glass pot will simply go into the dishwasher.

Ease of Maintaining

It's not good if you have to pop open a lid to add the coffee, and the lid reaches the base of your upper cabinets before it can completely open. Check to see how the pieces would work in your kitchen and with your lifestyle. If you're buying a gadget with a carafe that must be hand-washed and aren't sure you'll have that kind of opportunity each day, try one that can be put in the dishwasher.

Alternative Products

This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t show you alternatives to the featured product. While the following brands may not have as solid a reputation as BUNN, they compensate in terms of their price and decent build qualities. Below are the three recommended alternatives:

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine

This single-serve coffee maker will provide you with the fresh, natural flavor you need to get your day started. In just 3 minutes, you'll get your cup of coffee ready to drink. To save money on beans, the water adjustment feature helps you to monitor how much coffee you want to brew.

This coffee maker is a step smaller than most and features an inventive design that makes it lightweight and robust while still being highly capable. You'll be able to place it on cabinetry, office desks, and other small spaces.

If you like to brew your coffee the old-fashioned way, this machine will allow you to do it. You can choose from these two brewing methods with ease, thanks to the simple side button feature. Simply click two buttons when you're done using the machine and it will clean itself automatically. It's never been easier to keep your coffee maker clean. Did you forget to turn off your machine? Don't fret, after pouring a cup of coffee, the machine turns off automatically.

With a very reasonable price tag, this coffee maker certainly lives up to the hype!

KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker, 5-Cup, Silver

The Krups Simply Brew Filter Coffee Maker makes delicious hot cups of coffee with minimal effort. It comes with all of the necessary features and accessories: a Topwater tank that is easy to fill, pause & serve mechanism, automatic keep-warm operation, convenient easy-to-clean design, ON/OFF button, and ships with a 5-cup glass coffee pot, permanent coffee filter, and coffee spoon.

Furthermore, with a very grounded price tag, there isn’t much wiggle room to complain about the product. 

Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

In the world of electronics and appliances, it seems that manufacturers add features for no compelling reason - or if we're being pessimistic, to raise the price. As a result, it's nice to see a coffee maker that does only what it’s made to do.

As such, this coffee machine is great if you're after something easy to use and don't see the point of wasting hundreds of dollars on something that will just make you coffee.

First, we'll point out that it doesn't demand a lot of counter space, which is fantastic news if you have a small kitchen. While it is smaller than others, it can still make up to five cups of coffee, which can be enough to fill up your cup multiple times or serve coffee to guests.

It works by sticking the coffee grounds on the top of the machine and then filling it with water. The water level can be verified by looking at the level meter on the side. After that, the coffee is filtered into the carafe below. The fact that the filter is reusable also saves you money by removing the need to purchase non-reusable paper filters.

If you've already poured your coffee, put the carafe on the bottom of the coffee machine, where the plate it rests on will keep it warm. One thing to bear in mind is that removing the carafe from the machine ends the brewing process, stopping any drips.

You can clean the filter by removing it, and you can clean the carafe by soaking it with soapy water. The reusable filter is something that many people admire in this model. Since filters are pricey, the Amazon Basics coffeemaker can save you a good amount of money. It also heats up easily, reducing the amount of time you have to wait for your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

If you're on a budget or don't see the sense of wasting a lot of money on a coffee machine, this is the one to buy. This is a must-buy budget coffee maker due to its extremely low price.


To sum everything up, the BUNN GRB Velocity Brewer answers almost all of my past dilemmas. It is a great coffee maker with a stellar reputation behind it. It produces the quality of coffee that I certainly need to get the day going and all at a very decent price! If you want, you can click on the product link below to check the device for yourself. Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

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