Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee is a pleasant way to start your day. It can boost your energy; make you feel awake and ready to begin your daily activities.

There are different brands of coffee you can find in the market. One of those premium coffee brands is Black Rifle Coffee.

Where Does Black Rifle Coffee Come From?

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned and operated coffee company founded by Evan Hafer. It serves premium coffee from light to extra dark roasts and commits to supporting veterans, first responders, and law enforcement.

Black Rifle Coffee Company was established in December 2014. They roast high-quality coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia at their facilities in Manchester, Tennessee, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

What Does Black Rifle mean?

The black rifle is a term used to call “America’s Gun” and is considered one of the most popular rifles in the United States. This term is used to refer to the Ar-15 gun, which has a black finish and is semi-automatic.

With that in mind, it is no longer surprising that Black Rifle Coffee was named such since it has its origin from the veteran community.

Black Rifle Coffee Roast Types

Black Rifle Coffee provides high-quality products to coffee lovers. It offers anything from light to extra dark roasts to satisfy your coffee cravings with pride.

The color of the beans usually tells the type of coffee roasts. Here are the roast types of Black Rifle Coffee.

Light Roasts

Light roast coffee is color light brown with a matte surface. Light roasts can retain the unique characteristics of the coffee.

Black Rifle Coffee’s light roast provides coffee lovers a smooth and easy drinking experience. If you prefer light roasts, you can choose from their Silencer Smooth and Gunship light roast coffee. This is a perfect choice to enjoy your day with a cup of Joe.

Medium Roasts

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s medium roast has a more balanced flavor, acidity, and aroma. It contains more caffeine than the regular roast. It is a perfect fit for coffee drinkers who prefer neither too soft nor too strong taste.

Black Rifle Coffee has a lot more to offer for medium roast coffee. This includes Vanilla, AK-47, Hazelnut, Coffee Saves, Freedom Roast, CAF, Just Black, Coffee or Die, Organic, Just Decaf, and Fit Fuel medium roasts.

Black Rifle Coffee is one of the finest coffee brands all around the world. You just have to set up your coffee machine, brew your coffee, and enjoy the flavorful notes from your cup of coffee.

Dark Roasts

Dark roast coffee by the Black Rifle Coffee Company offers a strong and bold cup of coffee. This coffee roast provides a heavier body and a richer flavor with lower acidity levels. This is a good option for you if you prefer dark, bold, and rich flavors of coffee.

You can choose from their Freedom Fuel, Blackbeard’s Delight, and Beyond Black dark roasts in different sizes and packs.

Extra Dark Roasts

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s extra dark roast delivers the richest and most smoky flavor right from their coffee roaster to your doorsteps. The darkest roast they offer is the Murdered Out coffee roast.

Beans for this coffee are sourced from the deepest and darkest corners of Colombia. This extra dark roast coffee with a smooth and smoky flavor will fuel your morning routine as well as midnight operations.

Black Rifle Coffee Collection

The Black Rifle Coffee Collection ranges from light roasts to extra dark roasts in various sizes and packs. A quick look at their website will make you think that their branding is patriotic and masculine. The company is dedicated to the veteran community, guns, and great coffee.

Here are the coffee products in the Black Rifle Coffee Collection.

Silencer Smooth

The Black Rifle Coffee website described Silencer Smooth coffee blend as quite professional. Silencer Smooth is notable for its sweet aroma, crisp finish, and citrus notes. It comes with a precise roasting specification to achieve its flavor.

This light roast coffee blend offers a smooth and easy drinking experience to coffee lovers. This can be a great brew to start your day.


Gunship coffee roast is named after a military helicopter. You can brew this light roast coffee blend in different methods such as espresso, cold brew, drip, pour-over, and press. Gunship coffee blend features light caramel tasting notes, a smooth finish, and a floral aroma that will satisfy your coffee cravings.


AK-47 espresso blend is a combination of dark Brazilian and light Colombian coffees. This medium roast coffee blend offers flavorful notes with a nutty aroma, dark chocolate, and citrus flavors. AK-47 is a full-bodied blend with a balanced flavor, acidity, and aroma. This brew can conquer your taste buds while enjoying your cup of Joe.

Coffee or Die

Coffee or Die is a variable medium roast coffee introduced in 2018. You can brew this coffee blend using a press, drip, pour-over, espresso, and cold brewing methods. It has an extremely balanced flavor, acidity, and aroma that you can enjoy in your brew.

Just Black

Just Black coffee roast was the first brew released by Black Rifle Coffee Company. This medium roast provides a balance between bold and smooth, with aromatic cocoa and vanilla. This coffee blend is best for those drip coffee lovers who want to indulge in a delicious brew.

Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line coffee roast offers a delicious coffee experience like Just Black. A portion of every sale of this product is donated to a charity supporting law enforcement officers and their families. You can also brew this coffee using pour-over, press, drip, espresso, and cold brew methods.

Coffee Saves

Coffee Saves vintage roast is a medium roast coffee themed around first aid. This medium roast coffee blend has citrus notes, a sweet aroma, and a clean finish with a flavorful taste in every sip.


CAF coffee blend is a medium roast caffeinated coffee. This coffee roast has more caffeine content than the average coffee. Its smoky flavor, gentle taste, balanced acidity, and aroma will make you love this cup of Joe.

Fit Fuel

Fit Fuel coffee blend is a flavorful combination of smooth and bold flavors and a malt finish. You can also brew this blend using different brewing methods such as espresso, drip, cold brew, and others. This high caffeinated brew can help you kick start your workout routine.

Freedom Fuel

Freedom Fuel coffee roast is 100% made from Colombian Excelso beans. This dark roast coffee blend provides a heavy body and rich flavor with lower acidity. This is a great coffee to boost your energy and make you feel more freedom like you can do anything.

Beyond Black

Beyond Black coffee is a dark roast coffee with robust flavors, a heavy body, and lower acidity. The color black is often linked to mystery, fear, and the unknown. In creating this delicious coffee blend, the Black Rifle Coffee Company feels that they have gone beyond black.

With its smoky finish and spicy aroma with dark chocolate flavorful notes, you can enjoy your coffee and satisfy your taste buds.

Blackbeard's Delight

Blackbeard’s Delight coffee roast is made from 100% Brazilian coffee beans. This dark roast coffee blend is designed to do justice to the name of Edward Teach, a legendary pirate.

You can also brew this coffee using different brewing methods. Its smooth, delicious, and dark aromatic taste can make you sip your cup of coffee with delight.

Murdered Out

Murdered Out coffee blend is an extra dark roast coffee by the Black Rifle Coffee Company. They use coffee beans come from the darkest and deepest corners of Colombia for their darkest roast.

Murdered Out coffee provides the richest and most smoky flavor from their coffee roaster. This aromatic and smoky brew is made for rugged coffee drinkers. 

Why Choose Black Rifle Coffee?

Founded in December 2014, Black Rifle Coffee Company serves coffee for all patriots. As stated on their website, their company’s mission is to serve coffee and culture to people who love America.

They support veterans, law enforcers, and first responders with a portion of every purchase you make. About 70% of their employees are veterans.

The founder of the company Evan Hafer stated that Black Rifle Coffee Company is quite the combination of his two favorite passions, serving great coffee and supporting veterans.

This veteran-owned and operated coffee company offers coffee blends in both whole-bean and ground varieties. They also have single-serve packs called coffee rounds.

If you prefer bold, aromatic, and strong coffee, this one is a great choice for you!

What to Look Out for Before Buying the Black Rifle Coffee?

Here are some factors you should consider before buying the Black Rifle Coffee.

Roast Type

Black Rifle Coffee has four major roast types. These include light roast, medium roast, dark roast, and extra dark roast. The roast levels of the coffee are based on duration and temperature.

The roasting process brings out the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. The more the roast, the bolder and richer the coffee will be. Light roasts often have a light body, smooth, and easy drinking experience. Medium roasts usually provide a balance between bold and smooth. Dark roasts produce a dark color and rich flavor. Extra dark roasts produce aromatic and smoky brew.

Weight and Size

Another factor you should consider before buying your preferred variety of Black Rifle Coffee is the weight and size of the product. It is important to consider this since the product’s weight and size will affect its price and your level of satisfaction.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company offers coffee packs in a set of bags weighing 12 ounces and 7.2 ounces for their other coffee products.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine can affect the flavor of your coffee. Lightly roasted coffee has more caffeine content than dark roasted ones. The caffeine level varies with the type of beans, the roasting types, and the number of coffee grounds in your brew.

If you prefer less caffeine in your coffee, you might want to choose a dark roasted Black Rifle Coffee or a decaf variety. Go for light roasts or CAF if you want more caffeine in your brew.

Other Products

If you want to try other coffee brands, we made a list for you. Try and check this out. This might be a perfect brew for you!

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Coffee Grounds 

DEATH WISH COFFEE Dark Roast Coffee Grounds [16 oz.]

Death Wish Coffee has more caffeine than your average coffee. This dark roast coffee is one of the world’s strongest coffee.

Here are some reasons that make Death Wish Coffee an intense coffee to add to your favorites.

  • Organic and Fair Trade certified
  • Founded in 2012
  • One of the strongest coffee available

Death Wish Coffee is for those who love strong coffee with a bold taste to boost your day. 

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee 

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee, French Roast 100% Arabica - 1 bag (20 oz.)

This French roast coffee has a smoky and intense flavor. You can now enjoy Starbucks coffee without leaving your home or office.
Here are some features that make Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee a great coffee you must try.

  • A famous coffeehouse company operating globally
  • Founded in 1971
  • Serves fantastic cup of coffee
  • Sources beans from more than 30 countries

Starbucks Coffee is an excellent gift for those who love to savor their coffee experience. 

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle's Best Coffee 6th Avenue Bistro Fair Trade Organic Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 12-Ounce Bag

This dark roast coffee comes with a bold and smooth taste. Their beans are 100% Arabica from Latin America. Their special roasting expertise helps them create a flavorful and approachable cup of coffee.
Here are some of its features that make Seattle’s Best Coffee a good alternative.

  • Fair Trade certified and organic
  • Established in 1970
  • Uses a special roasting expertise to create a smooth taste
  • Price is relatively cheaper than Black Rifle Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is perfectly suited to those who love great coffee but on a tight budget. 


Black Rifle Coffee Company offers a wide range of coffee to choose from. The company serves great coffee with themed packaging, reflecting their advocacy to support the veteran community. Hitting two birds with one stone!

Black Rifle Coffee is a premium coffee with a strong and bold flavor and aromatic flavorful notes. You can choose from their coffee varieties to satisfy your coffee cravings.

If you’re a coffee lover who prefers strong and dark coffee, Black Rifle Coffee can fuel your day.

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