Best Nespresso Pods

Best Nespresso Pods

Coffee has been a fixture for breakfast for many people, but it is also consumed at any time of the day. With the different methods of brewing coffee, some find it hard to decide what coffee and method to choose. I had the same predicament, but when I encountered Nespresso Pods, everything became easier and clearer.

Read our Best Nespresso Pods Review to find out.

Product Reviews

Choosing the best Nespresso Pod is hard, especially with many variations to choose from. But knowing your preference clearly would help you in picking the best coffee pods that would suit your palate. 

We have selected five Nespresso pods that are considered the best by many. Below are the details about these Nespresso pods. Read on and find which one suits you best.

Bestpresso Coffee for Nespresso Original Machine 120 pods Certified Genuine Espresso Variety Pack Pods

Looking for intense products but having a hard time to choose which one? This Bestpresso Coffee would be a great companion. Not only does it offer high levels of intensity but it contains six varieties in one buy. It contains Ristretto, Intenso, Arabica, Verona, Espresso, and Lungo.


  • Kosher and Rainforest Alliance certified
  • No preservatives or sugars added
  • 120 capsules in total, 20 for each variety
  • Varies in tasting notes from chocolaty to floral and fruity notes
  • Ranges from balanced to intense coffee
  • Intensity levels from 6 to 11


  • Not compatible with VertuoLine machines
  • Not recommended for people who love light coffee
  • Highly-caffeinated and not for weak-hearted

Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine, Ispirazione Variety Pack, Medium & Dark Roast Espresso Coffee

A variety of Nespresso OriginalLine Espresso coffee with 10 pieces each pod, the Ispirazione variety pack has changed its name and look, but still offers the same great taste that will fill your senses with the aroma it brings. It contains Capriccio, Ispirazione Roma, Ispirazione Genova Livanto, Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio, and Ispirazione Ristretto.


  • Medium roast
  • Contains 5 varieties in one pack
  • Contains 10 pods for each variety (50 in total)
  • Intensity ranges from 5-10, perfect for a family coffee time
  • Flavors vary from full, balanced, and creamy blend to powerful, rich, and contrasting blend
  • Rainforest Alliance certified


  • 1.35 oz. cup size, not preferable for people who like larger servings
  • Not compatible with VertuoLine machines

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Melozio, Medium Roast Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods

Looking for a light coffee to keep you relaxed in lazy afternoons? Nespresso Capsules Melozio coffee would be the best for you. Lightly roasted, this Nespresso coffee creates a rounded and smooth coffee.


  • Medium roast
  • Smooth and balanced
  • Intensity level of 6
  • Brews 7.8 oz.
  • Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Adding milk enhances the biscuity notes


  • Not compatible with OriginalLine machines
  • Not preferable for people who want a single shot or smaller servings
  • Not preferable for people who like intense coffee

Peet's Coffee Espresso Capsules Variety Pack, 40 Count Single Cup Coffee Pods

Craving for a dark coffee with a punch of rich and bold intensity level? Peet’s Coffee Espresso is a must for you. It offers four varieties of Espresso that will surely keep you awake and kicking. It contains a pack of Ricchezza, Crema Scura, Ristretto, and Nerissimo.


  • Four varieties in one buy (40 capsules in total)
  • Flavors and notes ranging from sweet sugary and luscious creamy notes to spicy and bittersweet ones
  • Intensity levels range from 8 to 11
  • Perfect for people who love a strong kick in the morning
  • Kosher certified


  • Not compatible with VertuoLine machines
  • Not suitable for weak-hearted people

Delicitaly 100 Italian Coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines

Made in Italy, this authentic Espresso will surely keep you awake and alive the whole day. It is a perfect blend of washed Robusta from Africa, and roasted the Neapolitan way.


  • Ristretto flavor
  • Bold and contrasting flavors
  • Intensity level of 10
  • Dark roasted (strongest blend)
  • 100 pods in a box50mL cup size


  • Not compatible with VertuoLine machines
  • Not preferable for people with a weak heart
  • Highly caffeinated

What Are Nespresso Pods?

Best Nespresso Pods

Nespresso Pods are a product of the Swiss Company, Nespresso, which is a part of the Nestlé food group. These pods are like teabags, except that they are filled with ground coffee, instead of a tea.

Nespresso has different varieties to choose from: Lungo, Decaffeinato, Pure Origin, and Espresso. Each type of Nespresso pod requires a corresponding Nespresso coffee maker to be used. 

Difference Between Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules

Coffee pods and coffee capsules both produce great tasting cups of coffee. But the two have minor differences - mostly in their structure and amount of content.

Coffee pods look like teabags, but instead of a rectangular shape, coffee pods are circular. These are called ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, and are compatible with most coffee machines. Aside from the structure, coffee pods need slow-pressure, almost similar to a drip system in order for it to brew because of its outer covering that is delicate and would not withstand high-pressure.

On the other hand, coffee capsules are like plastic containers with a foil as the covering at the top. Unlike coffee pods, coffee capsules are specific to its machine. Open-system capsules allow a broader range of coffee products to be used in a machine. However, closed-system capsules can only be used with one brand of compatible capsule in a machine.

Moreover, coffee pods and capsules also differ in terms of their content net weight. Coffee pods are likely to produce bolder coffee compared to capsules because pods contain 7g of ground coffee, whereas capsules only contain 5g of ground coffee.

What is Nespresso OriginalLine and Nespresso VertuoLine?

Nespresso pods don’t end up just being Nespresso pods. Those pods fall under two categories: OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Although Nespresso pods are compatible with most coffee machines, note that these categories should not be interchanged, and should only be used with the specific machines suitable for them.

But that categorization goes beyond its usage. Each line of Nespresso pod contains different basic types that make up a collection of varied flavors and roasts - the Nespresso coffee everyone loves. It should also be noted that each pod has different intensity level. Those at level 6 and below are considered not intense. Those at level 7 and above are considered as intense. The higher the level, the more intense the coffee is.

Below is an in-depth discussion about the differences of Nespresso OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

Nespresso OriginalLine

Nespresso OriginalLine offers an assortment that would surely deliver what every espresso enthusiast wants. It is also compatible with various coffee machines, not just one.

The Nespresso OriginalLine is divided into six categories. These categories are Intenso, Espresso, Lungo, Decaffeinato, Master Origin, and Crafted for Milk. Each category comes with different pod flavors to choose from, with varying intensities ranging from four to twelve. Moreover, OriginalLine is capable of brewing a 0.85 oz. Ristretto, 1.35 oz. Espresso, and 3.7 oz. Lungo.

Below is the list of categories with information about the taste notes and intensity levels (1-13) of the category’s variations.


  • Dharkan   Long-Roasted and Smooth (11)
  • Arpeggio   Rich and Creamy (9)
  • Kazaar   Sweet (12)
  • Roma   Full-bodied (8)
  • Ristretto   Bold and Contrasting (10)


  • Capriccio   Rich and Light (5)
  • Cosi   Smooth and Mild (4)
  • Livanto   Balanced (6)
  • Volluto   Sweet and Mild (4)
  • Lungo
  • Envivo Lungo   Caramel-flavored (9)
  • Fortissio Lungo   Bold and Rich (8)
  • Linzio Lungo   Smooth and Mild (4) 
  • Vivalto Lungo   Balanced and Light (4)


  • Arpeggio Decaffeinato   Velvety (9)
  • Ristretto Decaffeinato   Full-bodied and Very Rich (10)
  • Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato   Contrasting (4)
  • Volluto Decaffeinato   Smooth and Sweet (4)

Master Origin

  • Colombia   Fruity and Sweet (6)
  • Ethiopia   Flowery and Fruity (4)
  • India   Spicy and Rich (11)
  • Indonesia   Leafy and Woody (8)
  • Nicaragua   Caramelized with a hint of honey (5)

Crafted for Milk

  • Caramelito   Caramelized (6)
  • Chiaro   Sweet flavored
  • Ciocattino   Chocolatey (6)
  • Corto   Spicy flavored
  • Scuro   Balanced and Rich
  • Vanillio   Vanilla flavored (6)

Nespresso VertuoLine

On the other hand, the Nespresso VertuoLine has five categories that include 27 different capsules. These categories are Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Master Origin Coffee, and Alto XL. Sometimes, it includes Crafted for Milk or milk-based drinks. 

Compared to the OriginalLine, VertuoLine provides coffee drinks with much bigger cup sizes, ranging from 1.35 oz. to 14 oz. But VertuoLine pods are only compatible and suitable with VertuoLine machines, unlike the OriginalLine that is compatible with various machines.

Below is a list of the VertuoLine categories and their tasting notes and intensity levels (1-13).


  • Altissio   Rich and Creamy (9)
  • Decaffeinato Intenso   Light and Harmonious (7)
  • Diavolitto   Full-bodied and Powerful (11)
  • Voltesso   Mild and Sweet (4)

Double Espresso

  • Double Espresso Chiaro   Wild but Light (6)
  • Double Espresso Scuro   Bold and Rich (8)

Gran Lungo

  • Alforazio   Flowery and Smooth (4)
  • Arondio   Light and Sweet (6)
  • Decaffeinato Ontuoso   Cereal and Delicate (4)
  • Fortado   Rich and Bold (8)

Master Origin Coffee

  • Caramelizio   Caramelized (6)
  • Colombia   Fruity (5) (Fair Trade Certified)
  • Decaffeinato   Cereal and full-bodied (6)
  • Elvazio   Sweet and Smooth (4)
  • Giornio   Flowery and Delicate (4)
  • Half Caffeinato   Smooth and Sweet (5)
  • Hazelino   Nutty (6)
  • Intenso   Deep and Rich (9)
  • Melozio   Smooth and Rich (6)
  • Mexico   Spicy and Full-bodied (7)
  • Odacio   Bold and Deep (7)
  • Solelio   Fruity and Light (2)
  • Stormio   Full-bodied and Dark (8)
  • Vanizio   Vanilla and Light (6)

Alto XL

  • Dolce XL   Smooth and Light (4)
  • Intenso XL   Rich and Strong (7)

Crafted for Milk

  • Bianco Forte   Dark and Balanced
  • Bianco Leggero   Sweet and Mild

Where to Buy Nespresso Pods

There is a lot of places where you can buy a Nespresso pod. As it is more common than capsules, Nespresso pods can be bought in coffee shops, markets, and in different online stores such as Amazon.

The thing to consider when choosing where to buy Nespresso pods is the cost. It might cost much more in coffee shops than when you purchase it directly from the supplier. But rest assured that Nespresso pods are easy to acquire.

What to Look for in Coffee Pods?

In buying coffee pods, you have to consider three most important factors that would determine the taste of your coffee: tasting notes, intensity, and quantity.

Tasting Notes

Choosing the tasting notes that would suit you would be in accordance to your preference. Aromatic notes of a coffee are divided into three families: Fruity and Flowery, Balanced, and Intense.

There are those that have fruity and flowery taste notes. There are also those that are balanced, meaning they have the flavors of honey, cereal, and roasted. And those that have intense notes have a hint of cocoa, spicy, woody, and intensely roasted notes.


Coffee pods have three categories for intensity: Body, Bitterness, and Roasting. Again, choosing your coffee pod would be entirely up to your preference.

Coffee pods can be full-bodied, and you can choose this if you want a powerful experience and deep flavors. But if you want your coffee light, you can have gentle and light-bodied coffee pods.

Bitterness also plays a role in the overall taste of your coffee. You can either choose dark coffee or a distinguished one. It is entirely up to your taste buds. Moreover, the roasting types of a coffee affects its taste as well. If you want a dark and deep flavor, you can have dark roasted coffee.

Coffee Quantity

Nespresso coffee pods need a specific cup size in order to provide the finest taste and texture. If you want a large serving of your coffee, you can choose the VertuoLine pods. Or, you can have the OriginalLine if you want smaller shots of coffee.


Choosing the best Nespresso pods is entirely dependent on your preference. But among the five reviewed products, we have chosen the one that we think will suit not only your palate, but the people you would love to share it with as well.

Our pick is the Ispirazione Variety Pack. It not only provides a well-rounded and rich flavors and notes, but it includes a variety of coffee that you can choose from. It has fruity, balanced, and intense flavors. It is a perfect to-go coffee, as you get light to deep blends of coffee.

Aside from that, the intensity levels vary from pack to pack, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. It has full and light-bodied intensity, ranging from 5 to 10. Although it can only have a 1.35 oz. cup size, it still fills every void there is.

Whether we chose what’s best or not, you alone can choose the one that satisfies your palate. 

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