About Us

We Love Coffee!

Our search is sometimes driven by the pure love of java, at other times the motivation is desperation to regain our ability to fully function in trying circumstances.

As coffee adventurers, we love delving into all aspects of the coffee world, including world travel hunting.

Our team of coffee fiends has been, literally, to the ends of the Earth to search out the best coffees.

Our experience runs the gamut of bad and good coffee. We know well the swill, burnt, weak, too weak, recycled, disguised, adulterated, and trash.

We also have delighted in wonderful coffee aromas in London, Cuzco, Greenland, New York, and Patagonia.

We have experienced coffee that was eyeball popping, soothing, perky, dynamite and vomitous.

We have added to coffee, beyond the usual milk and sugar, numerous other kinds of milk with various degrees of synthetic additives. We have had coffee with charcoal, eggshells, urine (don’t ask), hard liquor, wine, various herbs, and flowers. Some of these were our choice to experiment with, and others were forced on us by dire circumstances.

To get our coffee fix, we have driven thousands of miles, flown across continents, and even ran scary whitewater rapids knowing there was coffee at the end.

We can report that hot coffee tastes F***ing amazing after dog mushing at minus 30 for 16 hours, and ice-cold coffee is the elixir of the gods after biking for hours at 115 degrees in the Arizona desert.

We have coffee hopped from specialist roaster to roaster, consuming many cups a day in coffee meccas; being curious in Kathmandu, lively in Los Angeles, vigorous in Vancouver, lightheaded in London, strung out in Seattle.

We love experimenting with different ways to make coffee. We enjoy the zing of Clover, the grittiness of French press, the cleanliness of AeroPress, the snap of espresso, drip, and even such crude methods as boiling coffee in a pot.

Our promise to you, the reader, is that our reviews will attempt to be, like our coffee, snappy, clear, helpful, and invigorating.

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