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Looking for comedy? Check out Big Duo

This month there will be three sets of duos performing and the show is FREE. It's a hot summer so far and then we bring along three sets of duos. What?!? that's crazy. and it's FREE. Here are the threee sets of duos:

It’s Just Two Cousins
Two Cousins also known as Centipede Invasion Eggplant British Bandits Who Are Just Regular Cousins In A Prius Running From An Terminator And All Sorts Of Things The Screenplay
With Roderick Daniels and Becca Daniels

Unknown Number
Unknown Number does a formless form, creating a form on the spot by following the fun. We have done pretty flowers, monoscenes, slackers, and what we called the "tangent" where we just went off on character rants. We'd like to think it's like the "unknown number" calling on your phone, but hopefully it's a good surprise when you pick up, like a million dollars or an ex admitting he was completely wrong the whole time.
With Kelsey Peters and Martin Steger

Kristina and Neil improvise a movie for you :)


Earlier Event: July 19
Later Event: July 21
Succulent Watercolor Workshop