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Conversational DC: Italian

It's simple: have some drinks, speak in Italian, and have fun. No English allowed. Bringing a buddy is encouraged! This event is free, but you can reserve your spot through the Eventbrite:

The event is upstairs. Around the room will be facilitators and listeners with stickers. Facilitators are fluent and/or native speakers that are there to keep the conversation going. Listeners are language-lovers that are just there to observe and absorb.

If you're a native or fluent speaker that would like to help facilitate, send an email to 


1) What if I’m too scared to speak? 

Totally understand. It's nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and make mistakes. Fortunately, you'll be surrounded by people making mistakes. To make it easier, bring a buddy. 

2) Do I have enough language experience to do this?

People who have zero language experience are still welcome to come. Maybe you'll pick up a word or two. 

3) Is the event free?

YES! But drinks are not. Happy hour lasts until 7.

4) Are drinks free?

No. Tip your bartender!

5) How do I know there will be good speakers there?

We make sure there are fluent speakers at each event. We encourage guests to buy facilitators a drink as a thank you. Contact Lauren at if you’re interested in being a facilitator.

6) Will there be future events in other languages?

Yes! If you have a specific interest, email Lauren at

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Later Event: May 9
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